The dream, which has become reality, is born from the passion of two brothers, who love their country for the natural beauties and who have never thought about moving to realize their future. The idea of ​​the name “Flcett” comes from a family tradition. We want you to dream in the magical and wonderful village of Domenico Modugno, where everything smells of magic and enchantment, of colors and fragrances, of shining sea reflecting the moon in the evening and the setting sun. We will show you the most evocative streets and places, from the balcony of Largo Ardito, of the statue of Domenico Modugno to the Abbey of San Vito and we will not add anything else, the rest will be a surprise. Wishing you with our help, Polignano, you will remain in your heart, we look forward to you to make you live this experience.